How to $7.49 transfer domain to godaddy?

As No.1 domain registration.Godaddy always provide many coupons for transfer and renewal.So you always have chance to transfer your domains to Godaddy.You will get the reason why you need to transfer domain to godaddy:
1. Other domain registration renewal price is too high,and no more coupon to use.
2. there is no full control of the domain name, such as modifying nameserver,contact customer service, etc.,
3. domain name transfer to godaddy is so easy;
4. godaddy domain renewal price is lower than others;

But how to transfer doamins to godady?Before transfer you should do below things:

First, we will consider the domain names for transfer. Second,  unlock (unlock) the domain name before transfer through the original domain registrator.Third, get domain name transfer code (authorization code) and to let WHOIS nohidden (if whois hidden).

Let us go to see $7.49 transfe details with figure:

1 First visit the $7.49 official website Link: ,and log in. if you have no login id, register a new one.
2 as shown below, click on Transfer Domain

Godaddy transfer coupon

3 as shown below, enter the domain name to be transferred, click on GO to continue

4 as shown below, click on “Proceed to Checkout ”

5 ads do not bother us, click on “No Thanks ”

6 click on “Next ” , “Next”
7 following diagram, added the product to the shopping cart,  godaddy promo code, fill to apple, and “Checkout to continue ”

8 Select the payment method, agree to the terms, click  payment.

9 when payment is successful, it will give you a Godaddy domain name whois email to send your email to tell you Transaction ID and Security Code, the transfer process will be used later.
10 received the Email message, you then visit Godaddy domain name transfer account to set up, as shown, select the MY ACCOUNT below Domain Related, click Domain Transfers

11 selected to transfer the domain name, then point Authorization

12 Select the Begin Transfer Authorization, and then enter your domain name whois-mail received Transaction ID and Security Code

13 Enter the Transaction ID and Security Code, click Next

14 choose to accept, and click Next

15 Enter the domain name transfer code (the code is you get the original registrar transfer code), click Finish to complete

16 Click OK, the whole transfer process is over.

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